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eWater ERP Is a 306 degree software solution, developed to serve as backbone of any water utilities’ operations that gathers data from multiple systems, analyses information, and generate customized/user-specific reports to aid, in management decision-making. eWaterERP has built-in modules which includes Billing, Collection, Customer Service, Operation and Maintenance, etc, while it can integrate with external systems used for Asset Management, Network Mapping & Management, Administration, Finance, SCADA, Vehicle Tracking System, etc.

Water Management business has transformed over the last few years and with water getting precious each day, it has become essential to manage this depleting resource prudently, by leveraging the power of information technology.

Our Services

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GIS Consulting

  • Orientation & Interview
  • Existing Conditions Review
  • Needs Synthesis & Solutions Investigation
  • Conceptual Design & Implementation Plan
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Consumer Survey

  • Consumer Survey
  • Basemap Creation / Updates
  • Optimizing Questionnaire
  • Mobile “App” Development
  • Manpower Augmentation
  • Conducting Survey Activity
  • Delivering Design I/P Ready Data
  • .
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GIS Data Creation

  • Utility Network Data Collection
  • GIS Mapping
  • Publishing User-Specific Maps

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  • Mobile “App” Development
  • eGeoTag Solution
  • eWater ERP Solution
  • System Integration & MIS Development
  • eSurvey Water Solution
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Ancillary Services

  • Satellite Image Extraction
  • Satellite Imagery Procurement
  • Photogrammetry Tasking
  • AutoLISP Programming
  • Python Scripting for GIS App Dev
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